CCI has your solution to all of your sealing needs when it comes to wall penetration. Our complete sealing system includes Wrap-It Link™ Wall Penetration Seals and Wall Sleeves with water stops. Working together, these products will provide you with the necessary seal for your piping system.

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Wall damage, often caused by vibration of utility piping or pipe repair, can easily be avoided using CCI’s wall sleeves. Providing a seal that cannot be matched by core drilled holes, our wall sleeves are the answer to your sealing problems. CCI’s wall sleeves have been specifically designed to pair with Wrap-It Link™ Wall Penetration Seals for a leak resistant sealing system.
CCI offers both Carbon Steel and PVC standard wall sleeves in 12” lengths with 2” water stops. Standard diameters, 2” through 24”, are stocked and ready for immediate shipment. Custom diameters and lengths are also available upon request.

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