The CCI Model ESW Wrap-Around end seals are manufactured of 1/8” thick neoprene rubber; assuring eswexcellent chemical resistant and resiliency, also included are ½” wide T-304 stainless steel banding with 100% non-magnetic worm gear mechanism.

The CCI Model ESW casing end seal is a wrap-around seal and is designed to facilitate installation when the carrier line has already been joined together and the installation is complete.

Temperature Limits: -20°F to 170°F
Color: Black
Finish: Smooth
Average Tensile: 1000 PSI
Average Elongation: 350%
Durometer 'A': 70 +/- 5

CCI Pipeline Systems certifies that the standard Model ESW casing end seals are of the highest quality and meet or exceed industry standards.

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