No matter what type of End Seal you require, CCI can provide the supply for your demand with any of our three models.

Model ESW - Wrap-around neoprene rubber end sealesw
Designed for field installations where the carrier pipe has been installed in a casing. Involves simply wrapping the seal around the carrier pipe and casing; then compressing the adhesive strips together for a seal. Installation is completed when the stainless steel banding is installed and tightened.

escModel ESC - Seamless neoprene end seal
Easily installed as the carrier pipe is pulled through the casing. The installation process is completed with the installation of stainless steel banding straps to the carrier and the casing pipe. This end seal has excellent chemical resistance and retains good flexibility.

Model CSK - High expansion heat-shrinkable kit with support skirting
Manufactured with a unique "Snap-fit" closure system and a temperature indicating pigment that changes color upon reaching proper temperature. Installation is simple and guess-work is eliminated for the installer.

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