Brush or Spray Applied High Build Epoxy

HBE-95 is a “state-of-the-art” surface coating designed to solve specific industry problems by combining the unique features of epoxy and proprietary cure technologies.

The HBE-95 is a 100% solids, two component epoxy coating system which has been specifically designed as an exterior coating applied to bare steel for protection of pipe joint girth welds, valves and fittings, or as a touch-up material or rehabilitation system for mainline coatings.  

Available in Brush Grade, Spray Grade and High Temp Brush or Spray Grade.


  • Excellent adhesion to steel and FBE, resistance to chemicals and cathodic disbondment results in HBE-95assured long-term corrosion   protection of girth-welds of FBE coated pipelines
  • Zero VOC’s, 100% solids is environmentally friendly
  • Can be used for mainline FBE coating repair and rehabilitation
  • Suitable for girth-weld protection during directional drilling
  • Single pass thickness of 505 - 1010µm (20-40mils)