Multi-Layer Sleeve System For Directional Drilling

Canusa’s TBK - Directional Drilling Kit is a high performance system designed to protect welded joints on 2 and 3-layer PE, PP and FBE coated pipelines in directional drills. The system consists of three components: a primary heat-shrinkable sleeve which provides corrosion protection at the joint; a secondary heat-shrinkable sleeve which functions as a sacrificial wear cone; and a high-build epoxy top coat at the ends to provide additional protection to the system. An optional epoxy primer is also available for 3-layer systems. The system provides effective protection against abrasion and wear forces that occur during the pull-through operation. The system is fully compatible with cathodic protection systems, resists cathodic disbondment and is designed for a wide range of operating temperatures.


  • High performance system that consists of a primary heat shrinkable sleeve for corrosion protection, a TBK_Directional_Drilling_Kitsacrificial heat- shrink sleeve for wear cone and epoxy for direct-to-steel corrosion protection andmechanical overcoat
  • Sleeves are supplied as Wrapid Sleeves™
  • Epoxy is supplied in pre-measured kits