Pre-Insulated pipelines are used to transport both high and low temperature mediums where maintaining pipeline temperature is important. Applications range from low temperature LNG pipelines to high temperature bitumen pipelines. The pipelines consist of an inner carrier pipe covered in an insulating material and jacketed externally for protection and integrity. Canusa-CPS provides a range of products for these often complex joint systems.

Sealing Protection

Canusa SuperCase™

Tubular or wraparound cross-linked, heat-shrinkable casing products for high performance sealing protection.


Heat-shrinkable collar sleeves for the end sealing protection of non-cross-linked casings.

Sealing Sleeves

Heat-shrinkable sleeves for direct-to-foam or over metal casings to seal the insulation material against moisture ingress.


Canusa Foam Seal

The Canusa Foam Seal is made from a cross-linked polyolefin backing combined with a high shear adhesive providing a high quality, reliable system for protection and sealing of casing foaming holes.


Liquid Coatings

HBE Liquid Epoxy

Two-component, 100% solids epoxy coatings for direct-to-steel application providing superior corrosion protection on field applied girth-weld joints of FBE coated pipelines or as a pipeline rehabilitation coating. Suitable for use on pipelines operating up to 150ºC (302ºF).


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