In the rural area of Honesdale Borough, Pennsylvania, locals like to spend their time enjoying activities such as fishing, rafting and biking. As bicyclists pedaled around town, it became harder for them to overlook the increased cracking of the pavement above their manhole structures. The problem was severa! combined sewer overflows. The structures were receiving excessive inflow and infiltration, resulting in hydraulic overload conditions that needed to be addressed.


The Central Wayne Regional Authority enlisted the assistance of Entech Engineering, which recommended the use of WrapidSeal Manhole Encapsulation System from CCI Pipeline Systems. “Entech has been using WrapidSeal on projects for over 12 years simply because it works,” says Bryon Killian, P.E., LO. “Starting in this industry 16 years ago, I personally conducted thousands of manhole inspections and found the manhole riser rings and joint sections were almost always the primary cause of infiltration. In addition to helping prevent I&I, we also use WrapidSeal to ensure pavement life by preventing fines being washed away with infiltration, causing pavement cracking around manhole structures.”


Once these structures were repaired and protected with WrapidSeal, the amount of I&I causing the hydraulic overload conditions during wet weather was significantly reduced, accounting for the elimination of 13 CSOs over the last decade.