About our Company

What does CCI do?

CCI offers a wide variety of products and services for pipe protection, including field training and after hours customer service. CCI delivers to their customers the most up-to-date technology with a high standard of quality in the manufacture & distribution.

How long has CCI been around?

CCI has been in business since 1995, originally based out of Houston, the corporate office is now based out of Breaux Bridge, LA.

How many locations does CCI have?

CCI has 2 locations: Houston & Lafayette. CCI also has sales representatives all over the country to best serve our customers.


What is WrapidSeal™?

WrapidSeal™ is a heat-shrinkable manhole encapsulation system that prevents inflow & infiltration. WrapidSeal™ is sold in 12” or 18” bulk rolls that are field-cut to size.

How is WrapidSeal™ Installed?
  • Take a wire brush around the area of the structure that will be covered;

  • Take your blow torch to the structure to remove the loose dirt and any moisture within the structure;

  • Measure the largest diameter of the structure and cut your piece of WS adding 6-8” for an overlap;

  • Using a roller, paint the primer on the entire section of the structure that will be covered;

  • Loosely wrap the sleeve around the structure making sure there is an overlap;

  • Heat the closure seal and place on top of overlap using roller to lay it down;

  • Begin heating the sleeve, starting at the bottom and working your way up until the sleeve has shrunk to tightly encapsulate the structure.
How Long Does Installation Take?

Once trained, installation should only take about 20 minutes.

How Many Manholes Can 1 Bulk Roll Cover?

1 bulk roll will protect 4-5 manholes

What information do I need to obtain a quote?

Any CCI salesman can provide you with an accurate quote directly over the phone or through email. Provide us with your exact inner pipe outside diameter and the exact inside diameter of the outer wall, sleeve, casing etc. and we can give you a specific item/quantity as well as price in minutes.

ArmorCote™ U-bolts

What is ArmorCote™?

ArmorCote™ is a cross-linked polyolefin material that provides a coating with extremely high compressive strength and tremendous abrasion resistance. CCI applies this coating to standard Fig. 137 Hot Dipped Galvanized u-bolts, as well as standard 304 SS u-bolts. We can also apply our ArmorCote™ to your special sized u-bolts as well.

How does Armorcote™ differ from other coatings?

Unlike minimum millage dipped coating or hand wrapped rubber applications, ArmorCote™ resists tearing and will not unravel over time.

What type of u-bolts does CCI carry?

CCI carries Grinnell Fig. 137 Hot Dipped Galvanized long tangent U-bolts, each supplied with 4-heavy hex nuts, 304 Stainless Steel U-bolts, and Xylan coated U-bolts as well.

How long does it take to obtain ArmorCote™ u-bolts?

A typical lead time on standard ArmorCote™ u-bolts is 2-3 days business days depending on quantities.

What type of support pads does CCI carry?

CCI carries a 1/8” thick die cut neoprene pad as well as ArmorPad™, a half-round thermoplastic support pad. The ArmorPad™ provides optimum support, minimizing the point of contact and reducing crevice corrosion.

Wrap-It Link™

What are Wrap-It Link™?

Wrap-It Link™ is a versatile sealing link system designed to form a mechanical rubber seal between pipes going through walls, floors, vaults, tanks and pipeline crossings.

Does Wrap-It Link™ form a watertight seal?

Yes, Wrap-It Link™ does form a watertight seal.

How long does it take to ship Wrap-It Link™?

A large stock of Wrap-It Link™ is kept in stock and ready to ship from Breaux Bridge, LA. Typically Wrap-It Link™ orders may ship in 1-2 days after CCI receives them.

What else can Wrap-It Link™ do?

Wrap-It Link™, in addition to its sealing properties, helps absorb vibration, shock, and sound waves. It also insulates the inner pipe from all outer structures.

How is Wrap-It Link™ installed?

Wrap-It Link™ is installed by placing the links around the inner pipe and inside the outer pipe/sleeve etc.

Use a socket wrench in a cross pattern tightening method to expand the links until the gap is sealed shut taking care not to over tighten the links in the process.

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Do they work on electrical conduits?

It can also be used to seal the gap between an electrical conduit and the outer conduit, sleeve, casing it passes through.

Casing Spacers

What is a casing spacer?

Casing spacers are an engineered skid system used to install a pipe within a casing pipe.

How do casing spacers work?

Casing spacers work by bolting the spacer to the pipe that is to be installed inside the casing using common tools such a nut driver or a socket wrench.

How are casing spacers installed?

Casing spacers are installed by placing over the carrier pipe and bolting them together around the pipe until the spacer grips the carrier pipe enough not to slip during installation.

How many casing spacers are used per length of pipe?

Typically you will place the spacer every 6’ along the pipe joints. This depends on the type of pipe used and the length of the pipe.

What are casing spacers made out of?

We offer three different materials. High density polyethylene, powder coated carbon steel, and 304 stainless steel.

Why are casing spacers used?
  • Casing spacers are used to ease the installation of the pipe within the casing.

  • They are designed to slide easily with a low coefficient of friction.

  • They also protect the carrier pipe from damage during the installation process.

  • As well as provide electrical isolation where certain cathodic protection systems are required to eliminate corrosion of metallic pipelines such as steel or ductile iron.
What information do I need to get a quote on casing spacers?
  • You will need to provide us with the outside diameter of the carrier pipe as well as the bell dimension (if there is one).

  • We also need to know what type of pipe is being installed.

  • We will need the casing inside diameter dimension as well as the total length of bore that is planned.
How long does it take to get casing spacers from the time of order?

Typically we will design, manufacture, and ship the product within 3-5 business days. Depending on the location of the final destination you can expect to see the product on site within 5-7 business days.

Can casing spacers be custom designed?

Yes, CCI Pipeline Systems has a team of professional salesman as well as engineering and CAD design professionals to assist you with your design requirements and insure that you will get a product that will be sure to work properly during the installation of the pipeline as well as extend the life expectancy of the piping system for many years reducing maintenance and repair costs as well as replacement costs to the owner of the pipeline.