WrapidSeal™ Manhole Encapsulation System is a wrap around heat shrinkable sheet that has been specifically designed for protection of buried and exposed manhole structures. WrapidSeal™ is supplied in bulk rolls of varying widths and consists of a cross linked polyolefin backing, coated with an aggressive heat activated adhesive. A separate closure is used to create a complete sleeve with the adhesive effectively bonding to the substrate, providing corrosion protection and adhesion for the impermeable backing.

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Wrap-It Link™

Wrap-It Link™ is a versatile sealing link system can be utilized to seal the annular space of carrier pipe and casing pipe applications as well as wall penetrations of piping system. Wrap-It Link™ have excellent electrical insulation properties and may be used for pressure application up to 20 psig.

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Casing Spacers & End Seals

Casing Spacers will save you time and labor - quickly installed by a single worker. Casing Spacers provide electrical insulation, will not rot or settle, support carrier pipe weight uniformly, protect against long term corrosion, require no casing filler and slide into place easily.

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ArmorCote™ U-bolts

The ArmorCote™ u-bolt coating has evolved from decades of proven technology. The cross-linked polyolefin material provides a coating with extremely high compressive strength and tremendous abrasion resistance. ArmorCote™ has a low co-efficient of friction that allows for movement without damage to the pipe coating ArmorCote™ is a unique thermo-plastic UV stabilized to maintain the integrity of the product even under prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

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Canusa™ Heat Shrinkable Products

Canusa is the complete source for heat shrink tubing products and heat shrinkable related technology. Our product offering includes polyolefin, fluoropolymer, elastomer and PVC heat shrinkable based materials in thin, medium and heavy walled tubing as well as heat shrink accessories and equipment. Polymer and adhesive technology is at the core of our business, quality and performance are second to none. A commitment to develop unique solutions for customer applications has earned DSG-Canusa a reputation for excellent customer service.